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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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good evening. terry is off tonight. they pitched tents and plan to stay a while. tonight some people in berkeley are determine to save that city's main post office. but the u.s. postal service plans to shut it down and sell the historic building. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us where a protest is still underway.
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>> reporter: you can see they have set up camp on the steps. until the u.s. postal service reverses its decision and tell them they will not sell the historic buildings, or this building, the protesters say they will stay. ♪ more than 100 people gathered on the stems of the berkeley post office to protest its sale. >> we're fighting to save it. and we're not going to stop. >> reporter: protester say it doesn't make send for the u.s. postal service to sell the building it owns just to pay to rent a space nearby. >> we're saying that this is public space and how dare they try to sell it off for private profit. this is a public service that has been around for 238 years. >> reporter: part of today's demonstration. >> my parents were public postal workers after moving from
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alabama. it was the first place that people of color were often given jobs. 40% of the employees of the postal service are people of color. 22% are women. 22% are veterans. those joks are at risk. >> reporter: the postal service says it is in poor financial shape because of the bad economy and a steady decline in mail volume and has had to make hard decisions. >> what about people who don't have internet service. or who had it and can no longer afford it. >> reporter: residents say the post office which is on the national register of historic places is part of the berkeley center. the u.s. postal service has said its debt could reach $45 billion by 2017 if congress does not pass legislation that allows them to change their business model. live in berkeley, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. thank you. new at 11:00, a controversial ordinance that would make it
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illegal is now headed to the city council for consideration. a large crowd gathered today on both sides of the issue. those who support the proposed ban say it addresses concerns over the aggressive and unsanitary behavior of some people who live in their cars. those against the ban say it criminalizes behavior and people who are facing tough economic times. >> perhaps car dwelling could remain here with security guards or programs car dwelling could be relocated to another part of town that is further from residences. >> reporter: if the city council approves it, there would be time to educate people about the law and let them know about social services to get them off the streets. the parents of audrey pott, the 15-year-old saratoga girl killed herself after pictures of an alleged sexual assault circulated around school campus and the internet. the amended civil complaint name a teenage girl who they accuse trying to cover up the alleged
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attack that happened during a party last september. the suit already named three 16-year-old boys and her parents claim the girl encouraged the boys and was in the room during the alleged assault. police in morgan hill are using social media to try to track down a suspected thief. in a facebook and twitter posting, the police department announced it is looking for the man in this photo. they say his name is colby worsham and he is associated with multiple thefts including stealing cell phones. police did not give an age on the suspect. they are asking for the public's help to track him down. today marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the korean war. president obama is urging americans to take time to mark the anniversary and to listen to the stories of korean war veterans. that was also the purpose of this event in san francisco today. dozens of people gathered to dedicate the future site of a korean war memorial in the presidio. it is still in the planning phase but organizers have a good
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idea of how they want it to look. >> the primary motif will be a landing craft that land with a ladder going up and the kid that went over the top was killed. he got the congressional medal of honor for smuggling a grenade in. his commanding officer was here today. john stevens. so a good day. >> pete served in the korean war and was a congressman in the bay area in the 1970s and 1980s. he added the first step is to raise money for this memorial. so far they have $300,000. they need $3 million more. and a rare look inside north kor korea. they call it victory day that he is bite the fact the war ended with an armistice. there were weapons, fighter jets, missiles and drones. north korea invited some
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journalists in including ann curry. b.a.r.t. and its unions have just a week to hammer out a deal before the temporary contract extension ends and another strike could begin. the 30-day extension expires on august 4th. the transit agency said there was some progress and meetings today. union leaders say they hoped for much, much more. they're also criticizing b.a.r.t. for hiring a cheap negotiator who was also the vice president of transportation company that was paid to run shuttle buses during the strike. they say he has a conflict of interest. the next meetings are scheduled for monday. b.a.r.t.'s four and a half day strike snarled traffic across the bay area and frustrated hundreds of thousands of regular riders. garlic lovers have one more chance to enjoy the 35th annual gilroy garlic festival. there are craft booths, children's areas, music, cooking, the like. while there are traditional
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favorites like garlic fries and chicken and corn with garlic, there is something for, you know, the more adventurous eater. >> do you know what i really love? the rattle snake, the ostrich, the kangaroo and the, what's the other one? the boar and there's one more. they're all great. i just love the garlic taste. it's awesome. >> the festival continues tomorrow. cal transwill run special trains. it has been an interesting time for the america's cup including the swedish team practicing on the bay. here's the latest. >> if the catamarans are the star of the show, then the wing sail are the spotlight he at the 130 feet tall. the emirates team new zealand lost their jib and the wing was more than enough to power them to 56thry. saturday on the bay, the kiwis were helmed by glen ashby who
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explains how the wing has propelled them to record speeds. movie the beauty about the wing, they just are so efficient and for certain size wing you can go from a huge power source to a very clean and efficient power source. you don't have to reduce it likes you do with that. the wing just feathers and you go faster and faster. >> the other top story line was the u are racing on the bay. it is in large part an effort to honor. he had the memory of his close friend and teammate in mind when they launched the new boat. >> i know what he would have been like. he would have been talking about every intricacy on the boat. we're going to beat team new zealand and generally firing the whole team up. so it is really more than ever in my life, mixed emotions today. i'm going to try to enjoy it for
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what it is. a fantastic boat with a great bunch of guys. >> and they are targeting august 6th for their first date of competition. while sun action on the bay in the challenger years liz see emirates team new zealand going head to head with lunar rosa. i'm lawrence scott. kicked out of a cab. while two women say their taxi driver started yelling at them and then left them on the side of the highway. also -- >> what the doctor said was four to six weeks i'm treated and four to six months, treated. >> a bay area woman who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer had her dream wedding today. the moving story of how strangers came together to help. just ahead. and we're watching some low clouds moving in tonight that will lead to some drizzle for tomorrow morning. we'll have temperature in the 50s. plus we're watching a tropical storm bearing down on the
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hawaiian islands next week. and our own weekend forecast when we come right back.
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two people in portland, oregon, say they were kicked out of a cab because they're gay. the women say it happened thursday night when they took a broadway cab to head home from downtown portland. about 15 minutes into the ride they say the cab driver started yelling at them and left them on the side of the highway. they say a second cab refused to pick them up as well. >> the cab driver, i guess, saw us being affectionate and took offense to that. he started shouting really hurtful and mean homophobic remarks at us. we didn't feel safe in the cab. >> the couple climbed a fence and found a police officer who took them home. the women say there is videotape
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of the incident and they've hired a lawyer. the company said the driver involved has been suspended while it investigates. it is often the worst of circumstances that brings out the best in people. we see it in big ways when people rush to help in a natural disaster. in tonight's bay area proud, we see it in a very intimate way. one stranger helping another to make the best of a heart-wrenching situation. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has their touching story. >> reporter: time can be a tricky thing. no matter what any clock tells you, time doesn't move at a steady pace. >> they're going to go -- >> reporter: something jen knows all too well. you see the few days left until her we having to jeff lang cannot go fast enough. what is likely to happen a few months after that -- well -- jen
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and jeff met six years ago. she was a hairdresser. 'yoga instructor. jen making people beautiful on the outside. jeff on their insides. a friend thought these two opposites would attract. >> she is like, you know, he kind of took all my weird nls in stride. so i think he would be really good for you. >> reporter: there was talk of a we having. in fact, the couple shopped for rings last december. just about the time it turned out that jen developed a cough she couldn't shake. >> i went to the doctors a couple time and they diagnosed it as pneumonia. i'm 35 so they weren't thinking like this is something he will. >> reporter: in january came the diagnosis. lung cancer stage 4. last month came the prognosis. >> four to six weeks untreated. and four to six months treated.
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so when i heard that, i said let's get married. because i wanted to focus on life. >> reporter: jeff and jen gave themselves two weeks to plan a simple we having and barbecue reception in jen's parents' backyard. that was the plan, at least, until a friend posted requests for help on a facebook group for we ha wedding planners. a posting she couldn't forget. >> this was an opportunity i saw to do something extraordinary for somebody else. so why not? >> i never thought about the bamboo but i think it would go perfectly. >> erica a social work he turned wedding planner from emeryville thought she would help a little on the wedding day but then stumbled upon jen's pinterest account and picture upon picture of what she thought her dream wedding would look like. one that timing and money made
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impossible. well, impossible until erica decided to get jen everything on that page. a job that would take months she has done in just two weeks. corralling goods and services from more than 30 bay area wedding vendors, total cost, $50,000. all of it donated for free. >> it was my goal to have them not pay a dime. i thought to myself, these people have already suffered enough. and why not be able to give them a gift, a wonderful gift that both of them will never forget. their families will never forget. >> i think it is amazing the generosity in their heart and that they're so touched by, by our story. and that that, i guess like people have feelings.
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>> so garvin filed that report a few days ago. today he attended the wedding. the ceremony was just as the couple imagined outside under sunny skies and a giant cheer as the groom kissed the bride. afterwards the term dream wedding was no understatement. >> for me this whole process has been really difficult and today was easy. we just showed up. and we did our thing. and it just gets more and more magical with every moment. >> i know. i'm touched. i'm in awe. i, i, i'm speechless. >> as for the barbecue reception, what were once pictures on a pinterest board sprung to life in her backyard this afternoon. we having planner erica was on hand with her walky talky making sure everything went off without a hitch.
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jen and jeff say they hope their pictures can someday provide inspiration for the next couple planning their dream we having. congratulations to both of them. keeping tabs on the weather. you took care of the weather for the wedding. appreciate that. what's coming up? >> we'll see more or less a repeat performance of what we saw today. right now, 50s and 60s. strong sea breeze reaching into fairfield. the winds way up there at 32 miles an hour tonight. it is pretty gusty inland. the west wind at 8. the low clouds which have been around san francisco will be spilling back across the inner bay. i want to point your attention if you're heading out to the hawaiian islands around monday, we have tropical storm flossie. the storm will weaken slightly between tomorrow and monday. so at this point, it does look like the storm will cross the big island near hilo and the near kona on the northern side of the big island around 2:00 in the afternoon hawaiian standard time.
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winds down to 40 miles an hour. the main impact is likely to be some localized flash flooding with some heavier rains. wind speed not much of an issue. by tuesday, the system will track off to the south of today by. something to keep in mind if you're heading off to the hawaiian islands on monday. tomorrow, watch out for some ice and thundershowers as more moisture works its way through the sierra. for the bay area, no talk about thunderstorms. it is the low clouds sweeping back in tomorrow morning. drizzle and mist once again possible for tomorrow morning. for the afternoon, mostly sunny skies at least inland. there you see the fog hanging on tight to the coast. san francisco down the seashore. we'll see a cool finish to the weekend of highs only in the low 60s. mid 70s tomorrow in san jose. mid 80s toward gilroy for the final day of the gilroy garlic festival. the weather is looking pretty. >> should see 70s and 80s. then noticeably cooler as we get back to san francisco.
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low 60s to mid 60s across the bay. and even the north bay looking fairly mild with some 70s. temperatures going on cool off a little bit more. breezy into monday. then the second half of the week ahead. that's when our temperatures will climb up as high pressure builds in. we should see temperatures rising. not too hot but at least getting us closer to the 90s as we get toward thursday and friday. so a mild finish to the weekend. and a bit warmer as we pass the middle part of the week. >> thank you. we're following some breaking news in the south bay. here's a live picture. police activity in downtown san jose and a closed 11th street at east sanity clara. we are monitoring the situation. we will bring you more information as it comes into the newsroom. for now we'll be right back. ♪
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there are some positives with the giants. madison bumgarner went eight strong innings without giving up a run. the giants put a lot of guys on base. unfortunately that's better b where the positives end. cubs and giants. all the way to the ninth. 0-0. nate schierholtz. that one is carrying in the night sky. and gone. home run for him, his 14th of the year. it was 1-0 cubs. the giants didn't score in the
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eighth and again in the ninth. a game ending double play. madison bumgarner after the loss. >> just keep going forward and keep working hard. you can't stop and start taking it easy and coasting. you have to keep pushing. you never know what might happen the rest of the season. >> happy times. time the talk about the a's wearing the 1969 throwbacks. i like the look. i dig it. derrek norris, a two-run shot. first pitch he saw. the a's win 3-1. they're five games up on the rangers. one more note. hunter leading after two rounds while warming up on the driving range. he received a call from his wife kanldy. she was going into labor with their first baby. he headed to the airport. he with drew. he was gone. father of the year award already. more news after the break.
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we're following breaking news in san jose. officers have closed 11th street at east santa clara. that's a block from san jose state. they appear to be searching. we have a crew on the scene and we'll have more information online overnight. as well as on today in the bay at 7:00 tomorrow morning. finally on a lighter note, for the first time ever, the public had a chance to see the annual march of the penguins at the san francisco zoo. people cheered as the five new chicks marched their way to their new home. the san francisco zoo has the largest and most successful breeding colony of this type of
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penn penguin of any zoo in the country themselves get to enjoy their new digs and they're pretty darn cute as well. they made it safely. have a good night. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition.
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try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars. ♪ we now return to the super bowl on cbs. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to the super bowl. i am james brown with dan marino, coach bill cowher and shannon sharpe. for those of you just tuning in, 20 minutes ago, there was a power surge that knocked out a number of the lights in the building and we've been told the game will not resume for another
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15 minutes. >> another 15 minutes? that's what they said 15 minutes ago. don't make us watch those first half highlights again. i can't watch those again. >> all right, well no reason to panic, shannon. there's plenty to talk about. >> is there? because i am running on fumes, man. >> we did a six-hour pregame. what more is there to say? >> just be cool. now, for another update on the situation, we throw it back down to our own steve tasker who is on the sidelines. steve? >> well, not much new to report, j.b. the lights went out and now they're trying to get them back on. some players are stretching. some are not. and as a favor, i would like to ask you not to come back to me because i have nothing to add. back to you, j.b. [ laughter ] >> all right, well thanks, steve. that seems like it's been about 15 minutes. no? it's been less than one minute? [ laughter ] okay. well, as a reminder, on cbs tomorrow it's "2 broke girls."


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